Friday, November 08, 2013

dreading 5 am.

Over a year ago, I started my "running" journey... you can read more about that here. I was going strong during my C25K training, and completed it, and then got pregnant. One of the first signs that I was pregnant, was dry heaving throughout an entire run, and having to go pee (when I had already gone just before leaving the house).... but, before figuring this all out, I did my very own 5k. It was a HUGE accomplishment... something I never in a million years imagined I would accomplish, but I did. I finished strong, and made it in just a little over 27 minutes. It was the fastest and longest I had EVER run... and I know, to you marathoners, it's not a big deal... but to me, the non-runner... HUGE deal.

I couldn't run during my pregnancy... I was WAY too sick in the beginning to do it, and by the time morning sickness passed, I was 20+ weeks, and had absolutely no energy. Any time I attempted a faster paced walk, I was out of breath within seconds of beginning. So I pretty much felt defeated when it came to exercising during my pregnancy... does chasing after a 5 year old count?

At the end of my pregnancy, I had a plan... a plan to "get back at it"... and I hit purchase on a website for a BOB stroller... and I've gone out a few times since Marley's arrival... but nothing serious... not yet at least.

Each time I've gone out, I've had Marley in the stroller, and usually Charlotte in tow. It's been a battle... trying to get Charlotte to keep up with me, or to help her along, when I'm DYING myself. She usually makes it about a 1/4 of a mile, before she's ready to poop out, so we've tried recently for her to ride her bike alongside me. I'm pretty sure unless the entire area was flat, I'm worse off than asking her to run alongside me. The girl whines and complains like nobody's business when she rides her bike and is either scared to go downhill (because she doesn't understand the concept of braking/pedaling backwards) or she doesn't want to push her bike uphill... Regardless, I wanted to give it a try the other day, and a try is all it was.

I felt like I was constantly pausing, running in place, getting tripped by a bike wheel, and responding to "helllllllpppp mommmy!" during the entire outing. It frustrated me, and therefore made me feel defeated yet AGAIN in my running journey. But I suppose, that's why they call it a journey, right? I need to figure out a rhythm so that I can manage to do this with both girls... Running helps energize me, and destress me, and I enjoy how it feels to be at that point, where I'm not struggling to catch my breath at a mile marker. I know I'll get there... but this in between phase, is absolutely destroying my confidence...

As beautiful as the run is during the day... I think I'm going to have to start waking early to get a jog in before the hubby leaves for work... it's not my ideal situation, but if I want to get back into running, it's the only way how.... so now I ask, how does one become a morning person? not just any morning person... but a 5 am morning person?
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  1. Good for you! I am a fan of running sans baby stroller too.

  2. Karen. You are right. Being a mommy is a journey and it sure doesn't stay the same. Once you get into a rhythm, things change and you have to adapt to a new journey. You. can. do. this. I did it. I had to get up and work out before Bob went to work when the kids were too little to stay alone. It's a looooooong journey. I am NOT a morning person…at all. But, I got up 3X a week at 5am to go to a spinning class for 4 years, and I've done other things in other years. Is it fair that our hubbys can go work out whenever they want? Maybe not. But, that is just the way the mommy ball bounces and we have to suck it up and get -er DONE! And, I can't even BEGIN to get started on working in exercise into a homeschooling schedule! HAHAHHAHA!! The great thing about running is that it is efficient, so you can get it done quickly and you can do it anywhere!

    So, I had this amazing section of my journey where I didn't have to get up so early, because the kids could stay home alone and that was nice. And now, someone in my house has 2-a-day practices, ahem, Emily….and I have to get up at 5am again! So, I just go to the early CF class since I'm already up. And, you know….don't tell anyone, but I kinda like it. So, just keep pressing on. Do what you can when you can and don't be discouraged! Just keep moving! Exercise when you can, sleep when you need it and LOVE LOVE LOVE on those girls. God will work everything else out. XOXOXOXOXOXOX

  3. What about getting a BOB duallie? I bought the double BOB first when I was pg with #2, and my very tall 4 year old will ride in it, no problem, along with my 2yo. Probably not at all what you want to hear after you just dropped money on a single BOB, but maybe you could find one used or on craigslist? I'm SO not a morning person. Not sure I could do 5am. Just a thought! Good luck! I'm not a runner either.