Thursday, November 07, 2013


There's so much to explore here in Oklahoma City... especially in the "food" scene... there are TONS of ice cream shops, cupcake shops, cafes, etc.... but I only know of one pie place: Pie Junkie. I've been itching to check them out, and since the hubby has been out of town, there's no better place than to have a get together with some girlfriends. 

There were so many amazing choices... but I decided on a savory- a slice of quiche, just pulled out of the oven (yummmmo) and a sweet, a slice of key lime pie (yummmo... I love citrus). With all the different choices available, it just means I'll have to go back, to try out some more.

I love the "keep it local" movement here in OKC... supporting local business, is completely up my alley. So if you're local, or even just passing through, I totally urge you to stop on in.. the atmosphere is super laid back and cozy, and there's even a chalkboard wall where your little ones can draw. 

I'm thinking this might need to be a biweekly outing... 

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