Tuesday, November 26, 2013


With Thanksgiving being this Thursday, we're having a really laid back schooling week... like mostly play, and that's about all. Tons of crafting, catching up on penpal writing, and just imagination play time. Marley loves it... it means she gets extra attention from her sister... and she'll take that any day. Today, was the first time these two girls had a tea party, created by Charlotte of course... and Marley just about enjoyed tummy time (which she already loves) more than anytime before. She remained on her tummy for 45 minutes, before complaining and wanting to be flipped... it was a record for her. I love seeing how they interact with one another. The giggles that come out of their mouths, the way they look at each other, the way Charlotte teaches her sister how to "properly" pour coffee... it's fantastic. These two... they were meant to be sisters.

And then, the tea party quickly ended, because Marley drooled over every single tea cup she was given.
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  1. Shes beautiful! what a pretty baby! and your other daughter is sooo cute as well! <3