Thursday, November 28, 2013

so much thankfulness

Our first official Thanksgiving here in America as a family of 4... has come and gone. For the last few years, Thanksgiving was spent cooking up 1 or 2 dishes to contribute to a pot luck, where deep fried turkeys were plentiful. We've had Thanksgiving over 6.5 years overseas, and to celebrate this sweet holiday in America, was wonderful.... not that I didn't appreciate past Thanksgivings... I loved each and every one of them (although last year, I was TERRIBLY nauseous because I was pregnant... hated that I didn't get to enjoy all the yummies everyone made, but was secretly smiling inside), but this year it was nice to keep it low key even with having a dear friend over.

It was pretty important to create a yummy meal in our new home... It was the first time we ever cooked a turkey in an oven... I know, crazy. You know me, go big or go home... so I brined the turkey... even though I had NO idea what I was doing at first (I channeled my inner Pioneer Woman). We created simple but tasty sides, and our friend cooked an amazing ham and cornbread. Everything was delicious. Now that we can check that box off the list of things we wanted to accomplish in our new home, we can create new traditions next year... something tells me it'll involve a shelter, and servant hearts.

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