Sunday, November 10, 2013

that girl...

oh that girl... my little girl... not the littlest... but the other one, Charlotte... my sweet sweet Charlotte... Just when I realize she refines me in one way... another fire ignites with something else, and a whole new refining begins. Somehow it's in her genes, to push my buttons...

I am forever grateful for my first baby, even though she was already 3.5 years old when we first met... She was created to refine me... constantly. I don't joke about this... Homeschooling has been wonderful... and dreadful. I'm thankful though, for the opportunity to sit alongside her learning, and watch her "figure" things out, and see lightbulb moments. However, those lightbulb moments come after hours and hours of "stab me in the eye" moments. I'm going to try and share my experiences with certain curriculums, some creative activities that we've been up to, etc... maybe do a round up post each week that passes... creating a sort of window into our daily lives, now that homeschooling has taken off. I used to do that with pre-school... but Kindergarten is a little more involved... especially since we're breezing through in hopes of starting 1st grade work come late Spring. Either way, sharing with you guys, will hold me accountable to get my ideas for certain activities/lessons, out of my brain, and documented with photo proof... and in the meantime, may she continue to refine me... oh. that. girl. 
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