Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dear Marley Wren { 5 Months }

Dear Marley,

5 months have come and gone, and you're growing like crazy... I hate that we don't get a baby well check until 6 months, because I'd really LOVE to know how much you weigh these days. In the last few weeks, we're pretty sure you've chunked up quite a bit... you know, in the healthy way. Oh that double chin... it gets us every time. 

Your newest thing this month, is blowing raspberries... you think you're so funny... and you are. After you make bubbles come out of your mouth, you always giggle for a bit. You're such a happy baby (when you're not fighting your naps). You laugh at us constantly, and are already ticklish (in your ribs especially). 

Your eyes are still blue, but they are starting to have specks of yellow in them, and grey... we think they could be flocking to the green side, but we're not quite sure yet. They're definitely not settled on blue yet. 

You adore tummy time, especially when Charlotte is around. You watch her like a hawk, and roll onto your back when you're bored with tummy time. It's the cutest. We lay a mirror by you, and you enjoy watching yourself... and playing with your toes. But most of the time, you track us with your eyes and try to find us wherever we might be in the room.

You're sleeping in your crib... most of the time. You still occasionally have nights where a few hours are spent on Mommy. Snuggling you, is the greatest, and we don't mind one bit. But you're back to sleeping most of the night... you are usually awake at some point between 2-3 am trying to figure out how to self soothe... Sometimes it turns into a "wake up" party, other times, it doesn't. We're trying to not let it.

You're not the greatest passenger in the car... hoping that changes soon. But you did go on your first road trip this month to Arkansas... and did fairly well. Only a few times you fussed, and when Mommy wasn't helping you out, you figured it out quickly. We entertained you for nearly an hour making blurping/raspberry sounds.

Marley... you are too good to us. You are a blessing, that we haven't even fully appreciated quite yet... but we will... and are thankful for you. We're trying to soak in each and every moment, because it's going by way too fast. You amaze us, each day...

We love you,
Daddy, Mommy, and Charlotte

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