Friday, December 20, 2013

Meant For Travelling Adventures

I did it.. I can officially say that I travelled with 2 children all by my lonesome via plane... and now that I checked that box, I don't really care to do it again (even though, I will when we head back to Oklahoma). We had an early morning, the other day... and by early, I only had 3 hours of sleep (last minute packing for 3 is not too fun), and had the girls up and dressed and ready to take off for the airport by 3:45am. Our flight departed at 5:40, and we had just about a 5 hour layover in Chicago... before arriving into Harrisburg at 4:20 pm. What a day... seriously.

During the layover, we had quite the adventure! May I just say, I LOVE when boarding gates are conveniently located across from the Starbucks.

We got situated at the gate, to camp there for awhile, plugged my phone into the wall to charge, and had Charlotte pull out all of her schoolwork for the day. While I was schooling Charlotte, and feeding Marley, a sweet flight attendant came over to me and handed me a gift card to Starbucks for doing a "great job as a Mama" and that she "loved seeing what I was doing, and travelling by myself with 2 kids." She shared that she only survived motherhood, through the consumption of coffee, and knew that I probably was in the same boat. Such a sweet gesture, and it will never be forgotten. It makes me want to gift all Mamas that I see, gift cards to Starbucks.

Just a few minutes after she walked away, while finishing up phonics with Charlotte, I looked over at the wall (literally 3 feet away from me), and my phone wasn't there anymore... someone stole my phone. A sweet elderly lady next to me, realized my panic, asked if she could help, and lent me her phone so that I could call my hubby. After I called him, I contacted security (who filled out a police report, and said they'd contact the Chicago police department), while the hubby sent text messages to my phone trying to get my phone returned to me, by leaving threatening texts. We do have tracker on the phone, and my phone has a password lock, so really... it's no good to anyone, and the hubs was sure to state in a text message that he would get the phone tracked so we could find it. Sure enough, an hour later, it was "anonymously" handed over to a lady at a gate, and I had to "hike" with the girls to fetch it... but, it was back in my hands again. That being said, never take your eyes off your phone! I think whoever did it, must have been watching me, because I only had my eyes off of it for a few seconds while helping Charlotte with school, and then BOOM, it was gone. They had me pegged... I'm so thankful that my layover was long enough to be able to receive it. We made it in one piece to Pennsylvania, and that's what matters most.

Marley was a super traveler, and honestly, I didn't expect anything less. She was asleep for both flights, and even took a little nap in the middle of our layover. Charlotte was a champ, as usual... they definitely made my job easier...both my girls were meant for travelling adventures...
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  1. Oh goodness! I'm so glad you got your phone back :) Maggie is going on her first flight next week. I'm so thankful to not be going alone for my first flight as a mom. Enjoy your time in PA!

  2. What a sweet flight attendant and I can't believe someone stole your phone! You definitely got a mix of good and bad people. I'm glad you got it back and I think you are brave and determined to travel alone with two young children. I traveled solo with my daughter for the first time when she was 8 months. It was intimidating, but in the end not nearly the terror I had made it out to be in my head and totally worth it.

  3. Unfortunately for now I won't know what it's like to travel with two little ones but I'm glad everything worked out for you guys.

  4. I love that you carrying your camera around with you while you travel and even having 2 kids by yourself you're able to get decent pictures! You are a true photographer! Hope you have a great Christmas and I'm so glad you got your phone back.

  5. Way to go! I traveled back to Korea with Kate (3 years) & Olen (7 weeks) by myself and I told Nathan never again! Now Kate is big enough to carry her own backpack so that's a huge help. I hope you have a great Christmas with your family!

  6. This was such a high low adventure… I was so happy for you about the Starbucks card and so sad about your phone. I'm glad that you made it all in one piece and somewhat happily.