Friday, December 13, 2013

School Sessions: Chapter 2

Here I promised weekly school updates, and I failed at that... but I'm going to try and keep up with the updates, even if they're not weekly. With the snow coming into town, and the crazy low temps, we've been able to hunker down and get work done, while other kids in the neighborhood are off from school.... don't worry, we've had fun in the snow as well... lots of PE time!

The last 2 weeks' highlights:

- Charlotte continues to to count by 10's... and LOVES it. She's working on patterns, and the number line, and is beginning to understand addition through equation writing.

- Consonant digraphs are mastered, and have moved onto consonant blends. She can hear the difference between the blends, and LOVES figuring out which words start with specific blends.

- Spent a big part of the last 2 weeks writing back penpals (penpal be on the LOOKOUT!)

- LOVES opening up her advent calendar each day. Using it, helps her remember what date it is (which is useful for Mommy as well!)

- We've begun reading "Charlotte's Web" as review... Daddy and Charlotte read a chapter each night, and we review in the morning.

The last 2 weeks' lows:

- We've had a lack of crafts these last 2 weeks... will remedy that.

- There were days we've had to double up on work... but the work got done.
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