Monday, January 27, 2014

A Girl and Her Fish

For Charlotte's birthday last year (end of September), she was gifted a fish... why we agreed to let someone gift her fish (they asked ahead of time), is still a mystery to me... It became my fish, essentially... you know, my responsibility: feed it, clean it's tank, etc. She does however pay Pascal (the fish) the most wonderful compliments... "Pascal, you're a really good swimmer..." Oh this girl and her fish.

Pretty much every time I clean out Pascal's fish bowl... she puts on her mermaid tail... at least she entertains me during the cleaning... watching her waddle around in a tail, it's pretty hilarious. She has also declared that she needs a "boobie bra" like Ariel's clam shells to go along with her tail... please tell her to stop growing up... please.
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  1. Good one...boobie bra. Sort of like when Maryn first wanted one....a bralette for her boobettes. Now, to her dismay, she needs a real one.


  2. I looooove the mermaid costume. She is so adorable.

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