Thursday, January 16, 2014

Christmas 2013 Recap

It's been awhile since I dropped a line here on the blog... no worries... all is well, and I'm still alive. The blogging hiatus, has ended. So much to catch you all up on, but we'll start with a Christmas 2013 recap. I barely picked up my camera while we were back East for the holidays... I was definitely more focused on the relationships, and the interactions, and less about the snapping away. It had been nearly 4 years since we were last home for Christmas... which made this trip extra special. It was the first time we introduced Marley to a whole slew of family members (even Charlotte met a bunch that she had never met before) and just enjoyed kicking back and relaxing as often as we could. We also managed to score this amazing viral head cold... it ended in Marley having pneumonia, and needing a breathing treatment... that part was not enjoyed very much. Nothing like having to take your baby to Urgent Care, to have them tell you that you should be in a hospital. Goodness, that was rough... but thankfully, she's way passed that. I, however, am still battling that head cold... it's seriously stubborn and doesn't want to exit my body. In the meantime, I've been relaxing, and sleeping... and figured it was time to update the blog. I pray you all had the most joyous Christmas... and that 2014 has started off great for you!

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