Friday, January 17, 2014

Dear Marley Wren { 6 months }

Dear Marley,

6 months... that's a whole half year... wow! We've known you for half of your first year, and we couldn't be more in love. Every day you amaze us with a new trick, new sound... and you are getting to the age where we REALLY have to keep an eye on you. Even though you're not crawling yet, you try and get into anything and everything that's in reach. We know this, because that's how you tore apart an entire tissue box... Placing you in your high chair or BUMBO seat, we have to be strategic about what's around you, otherwise you might destroy. You're just in a stage where you're figuring everything out, and we love this part... exploring is your thing.

It's fairly easy to get a smile/giggle out of you, now that we know what gets you going. You are EXTREMELY ticklish in your armpits and toes and thighs... pretty much everywhere. You think your sister's dancing is funny, and love it especially when she twirls around in a circle and falls to the ground... then you get her belly to really jiggle. You are pretty much the happiest baby... even when you had pneumonia this month, you were still smiling and laughing. The best was you had a booger bubble in your nose, and it popped... you laughed really loud, and then tried to blow out more. It was quite the discovery for you this month.

You are super alert, and pay attention to your surroundings, but get easily startled. You're completely intrigued by your hands...literally, you could spend hours studying them, and practicing your open and close pinching grip. They are cutest little dimple knuckled fingers we've ever seen. 

We adore you Marley Wren... but your cuteness is only going to get you so far in the sleep department. Since around 3.5 months, you stopped sleeping in your crib throughout the night, and we're not quite sure what happened. You go for about 3-4 hours (where we have to help you with the pacifier) in your crib, and then you scream bloody murder, like you've had enough. As soon as Mommy brings you into bed, you crash again, and fall right back asleep on her... but if she moves you to the bed, or back to the crib, you scream, again... We're not quite sure where this is coming from, or how to handle it... Mommy hasn't had any sleep at all in what feels like forever... so please, maybe this next month, you could work on your sleeping habits for us? Even during naptime, you boycott your crib or most other places (car seat). Mommy and Daddy absolutely LOVE sleep, so we're really hoping the love for sleep rubs off on you...

This month, you ventured on the plane for the first time, as we made our way to Pennsylvania for the holidays.... you were a traveling rockstar. We're not surprised though... you were born for this life of adventure. You slept for most of the flights, and smiled at everyone on the only one you were awake for. Even during the layovers, you handled the boredom like a champ.

This first half of your first year, has FLOWN by... and we can't to see what happens this second half... keep growing, keep learning, and keep being you sweet girl...

We love you, 

Daddy, Mommy and Charlotte 

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  1. She is getting so big and is incredibly adorable! She seems like a good mix of both of her parents to me. :) Hope all is well.