Monday, February 17, 2014

Dear Marley Wren { 7 months }

Dear Marley,

Oh sweet girl... 7 months have come and gone... we can hardly believe it.

You have grown so much, and have become so animated this last month... you amaze us. You have SO many different expressions. An expression for what peas tastes like, compared to pears (you love pears, not so interested in peas, even though you'll eat them), an expression for when we let you know that it's "night night" time, an expression for when you pooped yourself... an expression when your sister comes in the room when you first wake up from your naps (you LOVE waking up to her face), or when she plays "peek-a-boo" with you... an expression for when Daddy comes home from work, or when the wind hits your face on our stroller walks... all these expressions... they completely melt.our.hearts.

You've grown quite acquainted with the camera and know exactly where to look... it's priceless. You were meant to be your Mama's little girl. You actually turn your head whenever you hear the snap or when anyone holds up their phone, you look over... you just know what's coming.

You started wearing cloth diapers this month... and so far you've done alright in them, and Mommy has been able to keep up with the laundry. You have the cutest little "bulky buns" known to man... although I think you went up an entire pant size just because of that. We could keep you naked all day, just because they look THAT cute on you.

Marley Wren, you are such a happy baby... seriously. There's not one serious bone inside your body... all you do is smile... and giggle... constantly (unless it's time to sleep or eat or get your diaper changed).
This part of your personality gets us super pumped for your future, and who you will become.

We love you more and more each month... week... day,

Daddy, Mommy,  and Charlotte
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