Friday, February 14, 2014

Loves Day

We've been preparing for Loves Day (aka Valentine's Day) for about a week now... we've been crafting, and painting, and shopping... as soon as the sun came up at 7 am this morning, Charlotte was in our room, ready to celebrate. I think this holiday speaks her love language: chocolate and love gifts... yup, that's Charlotte... no wonder she was awake before Marley. We've had such a sweet day, and I can only imagine it getting sweeter as the years go by.

Out take... the reason why Marley was cracking up SO much over Charlotte... because Charlotte was allowing her to pull her glasses off her face.... oh these two... they melt me.

Marley's adorable leggings were a Loves Day gift from Daddy... while he took Charlotte out on a Daddy Daughter Date, he picked these sweet little leggings up at a local boutique... they're from a company called "Love Well"... and a portion of their proceeds go to the work of Second Mile Water

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  1. So sweet! Love those leggings :) Maggie loves to pull her dad's glasses off too!

    Happy Valentine's Day, Karen :)

    1. Happy Valentine's Day Beth!!!!! I MELTED when I saw Maggie's little footprints!!!! just MELTED!

  2. Those pictures are the best! Such sweet shots!

  3. Marley's leggings and headband so cute!