Sunday, February 16, 2014

School Sessions: Chapter 4

We're going strong with schooling... even on holidays... and while others are "snowed in"... we're schooling. I think this girl deserves a week off... and I'd probably give her some time off... but she just wants to learn. I love that she's become so passionate about learning. We're nearly through with our Phonics/Reading workbooks for Kindergarten, so in 2 weeks, we'll be doing more writing, reading (BOB books and other beginners) and review throughout the next few months. She's a bright kid... I just wish the LOVE for reading was there... maybe it'll come in the next few months before we start 1st grade... maybe it'll never come. I pray that it does. In the meantime, the girl is on fire with Math. This week Charlotte was introduced to measuring by inches, and telling time with minutes. Did far better than I thought possible.

The one thing I adore about her schoolwork right now... are her lolipop "i's" ... they're so darn cute.

During her breaks, she likes to entertain Marley... which has been fabulous for me. I've been able to get some housework done, or sit and put my feet up for a second while they play with each other. There's NOTHING that I LOVE more than hearing them laugh with one another.

The past week's highlights:

-  More lightbulb moments with addition equations. She doesn't always rely on the number line... but when she does, she uses it perfectly.

-  She's learned a few more consonant blend (Sn, St) words.

-  She understood the concept of long a and silent i sound.

- Was introduced to using quotation marks and handled it pretty well...

- She loved getting everything ready this week to celebrate Valentine's Day. Enjoyed the pipe cleaner crafts, the painting and construction, and of course... drawing hearts all over her journal page.

- Doubled up on school work one day, so she could have a free day when Daddy took the day off from work to take her on a "date"... oh boy did she LOVE all the attention he gave her.

This past week's lows:

-  Not as much PE time because the temps were still pretty rotten... thankfully it warmed up towards the end.

-  Still not loving reading...
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  1. Way to go teacher! You and Jason are a big part of her passion for her the reinforcement, tailoring to what she needs, and making learning fun! I think the love for reading will come eventually, so keep at it. P.S. Marley's hair looks super cute!

  2. She will start to love reading as soon as she realizes how much information is there... What about going to storytime at the local library? We have two avid readers that all started with hanging out at storytime and letting them pick out whatever books they wanted for the week (with some specifically chosen ones from momma....)