Monday, March 31, 2014

Comes To Town

When the circus comes to town... all must attend. It was Charlotte and Marley's first experience... and they LOVED it. Charlotte enjoyed the "swinging lady"... aka trapeze, the most... and I'm fairly certain, Marley's favorite part, were the snocones... yes, I gave my baby some colored/flavored ice... and she loved it. The hubby's favorite part were the cats that did tricks, and for me, I really enjoyed the bears this time around (although my usual favorite are the motorcycles in the cage). All in all, Sunday was a Funday. Really... we could have been doing anything as a family... and it would have been an awesome day. Weekends always fly by way too fast.

That is NOT how I style my hair these days... that is courtesy of the crazy Oklahoma winds that we had yesterday. Also, today is the last day of that hideous stache on my husband's face... so thankful April comes tomorrow! 

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