Sunday, March 02, 2014

School Sessions: Chapter 5

Slow and steady we're making our way through this school year... tons of new things were taught this week. We have lots of memorizing to go (counting by 2's)... but Charlotte did really well with all of the new stuff that was thrown at her. She takes every new item and tackles it... sometimes gets frustrated when she doesn't "get it" right away. I love seeing her wheels in her brain turn. I love trying to come up with different ways to get her to understand what I've taught her... it's like my own kind of puzzle.

This week's highlights:

-  Charlotte was introduced to counting by 2's... she's already mastered 10 and 5... Needs A LOT of work, but for it being the first week... she did pretty well. We just need to keep on practicing.

-  We worked on a lot of calendar work this week. Happy to say, she knows all the months of the year, and only confuses a few here and there... She successfully went through it at least 3x while in Target, without mixing ANY up!

-  We're working on puzzles EVERY day... not just school days, even on the weekends. Charlotte, is pretty much the puzzle queen. It's perfect for training her eyes, and she really has the knack for them. These pieces are small.. not large puzzles, and she only needs my guidance a little. We're working on a 500 piece Cinderella one right now.

-  Reading is coming along. She's picking up books, and actually TRYING to sound out words, and not just "guess" at what it says based off the pictures.

This week's lows:

-  We had to say farewell to Daddy for 2.5 weeks... it's always hard on the girls... I feel like I'm drowning... is it the 16th of March yet?

- Counting different coins has been a struggle. When it's all the same, she's fine... but she's having a tough time mixing pennies, nickels and dimes together.
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  1. Way to go Charlotte!!! Great picture of Marley too...and you're doing great teacher!

  2. We are doing life without daddy too. It is so hard!!! I feel like I may collapse by 5 every day and we still have hours left before bed at that point. We have 3 weeks left. You can do it!