Sunday, March 30, 2014

School Sessions: Chapter 7

We celebrated this week with our 100th day of schooling from home (Charlotte was in school for a month before we pulled her out)... and boy does it feel like we're getting somewhere! We only have about 2 months of schooling left, before her Kindergarten year is at a close... and I think I just might start her on 1st grade, especially since her reading is totally taking off.

This week, other than our typical school work, she's been practicing reading each day for about 15 minutes or more... sometimes on her own, but most of the time, I'm around to help guide her with words she doesn't know. If she's reading away from me, she always comes running when a word has her stumped... it's too cute.

So we're mostly reviewing phonics/reading these days, I've introduced science experiments... we did some planting last week, but this week we did the "celery and food dye" experiment. She LOVED it. We invited our friends to join us... they learned how to write out a simple scientific method... and each day, observed the changes that they saw. Charlotte's prediction was accurate... she was so happy to see the stalk turn darker red each and every day.

Day 1:

Day 2: 

Day 3: 

This week's highlights

-  Charlotte fully enjoy this week's experiment... She was soooo cute, she even wanted to pull out her magnifying lens to look closely at the stalk, to get an accurate observation on Day 2 and Day 3.

-  She's reading like a champ... I can't praise her enough for her effort.

- Charlotte learned the difference between Odd/Even numbers... which has helped her figure out how to count by 2's a lot more easily.

-  lots of time with friends.

This week's lows:

-  Mommy had a debilitating headache one day that put her in the worst mood ever, with ZERO patience... so thankful that those are not an everyday occurrence.
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