Sunday, March 09, 2014

She is Joy

For the last few days (since Friday), all that I've been doing... has been staring at a box of Saltine crackers and a bottle of ginergale. I was hit with the norovirus (or it's counterpart), and have felt like complete and utter death. Charlotte and Marley both had it for the first 24 hours, hard... and then it vanished... It's taking me quite a bit longer to recover. The hubby is gone, and it's just us girls +1 in the belly... and I'm trying to see the joy in every situation... but it's so tough...

so tough.

and then my heart just melts into a big blob when I look into Charlotte's big brown eyes... and she helps me find my joy. She is my joy...

Her smile and laugh are contagious... She truly loves life (even when her bum was glued to the toilet the other day... ) Her remarks and daily "isms" often leave me completely baffled, but wanting more... and she always sees the positive in every situation... she helps me find my joy that gets buried when tough days take over... and that my friends, is a true gift. She is joy...

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  1. Such great pictures! She is a wonderful little lady!

  2. What a beautiful post. Just lovely. That is how I feel about our wee one as well.

  3. I love this! She is so precious and I love hearing about her :)