Monday, April 14, 2014

Coming Along...

On the 1st of the month... we began the journey of focusing attention, on one of the last rooms of the house, the office. It was in dire need of some love, and that's just what we've been up to... The desk (12 feet long with castor wheels) was painted, and brought back in... the design of the shelves was figured out (going to be a MAJOR focal point above this desk), and most of what's left, is dumping and donating- major organizing of all of my craft supplies and Charlotte's school supplies. It's taken quite some time, but we're getting there... and I couldn't be more excited. Here's an updated look:

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  1. That is a great desk? Did you or Jason make it? I love the idea!! Can't wait to see a finished photo.

    1. the desk was a find... it's an old "mason lodge" desk... it's HUGE... in the way of length, and super sturdy. :)

  2. oh jeez, my punctuation is not great today LOL! Should be an !! behind "that is a great desk" not a question mark.