Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Getting Down To Business

April showers... bring... in Oklahoma's case... severe thunderstorms/tornados... so, before the weather starts to get too unpredictable (seriously, it's the most bipolar weather I've EVER known), I knew I needed to get started on some serious work in the office, in order to meet my deadline of getting things in place and finished by the end of April. Time slips through my fingertips WAY too easily... so any free moment and beautiful weather I have, I need to take advantage of. Project #1... create an amazing desk. My desk... is a 12 foot long table... it's huge... and it was stained pretty dark... it also sat sort of low... 

So, we started by giving it a face lift, hence what the paint color was for on yesterday's blog post... (it's a beautiful Lake Breeze... it looks like a musky light blue). Because it's being used as a craft/homeschool desk... it also was greeted with a top coat of polyurethane. Can I just say one thing? Painting with an 8 month old who refused to nap, was RIDICULOUSLY tough. Coming up with ways to keep her occupied without having to pay Charlotte to sit tight next to her, takes a whole lot of minutes... add in prep for the project... add in getting the actual project done while she complains... etc. WOW. Thankfully, food can occupy her for quite some time.

and then she makes big messes... but her mouth cleans up that mess pretty well...

While letting the desk air dry, we kept busy with a walk around the neighborhood, and then a reward of soaking up some sun, water, and friend time... 

We added some beautiful industrial castor wheels to the bottom of the table to give it a little boost, since it sat so low... and voila... we have ourselves a finished desk. 

Next on the list, is pretty much going to be the focal point of this room... the shelving above the desk... it's going to be brilliant... stay tuned.
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