Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Most but not ALL.

Most of the rooms in our house (we've been in it a whole year!) have been loved... decorated and tidy'd up in the sweetest of ways... truly representing our personal style... but, I did say, MOST... not ALL.

There's this room... the sweetest of rooms, that when we built this house, was created for me... we opted against a formal dining room... and closed it off for a studio/office/creating space. This poor little space has been neglected for 1 whole year... and I KNEW recently, that it was time to FINALLY make it a lovely little space. A space where my creative heart could be inspired, a place where Charlotte could do her homeschool work in a "contained location"- so that I don't have to put school away EACH day so we can eat dinner as a family at the table, a place where I could retreat to for blogging and photo editing and just step away from life as a mom...

Unfortunately that little space has been neglected. But, this month... the month of April, I plan on bringing life to this room. Here's what I have to work with:

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