Sunday, April 13, 2014

School Sessions: Chapter 8

There have been quite a few weeks, where I've missed capturing/documenting our homeschooling journey... last week being one of them. Rest assured, we pretty much school each and every day, with the exception of last Thursday... we took the day off (she hasn't had a break in a long time)... and boy did it feel good for both student/teacher... and really, she just doubled up on work on Friday to make up for Thursday (Charlotte really is an EXCELLENT student).

With the start back up of my etsy shop, it's been a little hectic around here... hectic in a good way. The way, that when you look at the clock, you really can't believe it's 2pm, and you're still in your pjs kind of way. The weather has been so beautiful as well, that we're trying our best to be outside during the peak hours... playing with friends, taking walks, Zoo trips, etc. We cannot get enough of this beautiful Spring ( but temperamental at times) Oklahoma weather.

This week Charlotte has mastered counting by 2's (barely missing numbers), "half past the hour" clock work, and understood the concept of "apostrophe s" or "apostrophe after s"... subtraction was introduced, as well as more money counting... She gets SO confused with money. She also started counting by 3's and had an excellent review of "plurals".

I've been able to keep up with etsy orders, while Charlotte is schooling and Marley is napping. I usually package up orders on review days, so that I'm able to be a present body if she needs me... it's been super productive. The only down fall... that's usually the time/day when I get housework (dishes and light chores) done... so I've had some messes lately (see previous post). 

Lets talk about pencils... we have had our share of doozys with pencils. I love the Dollar Spot at Target, and Charlotte loves picking up the 1.00 pencils that usually have a fun pattern/design... but I'm CONSTANTLY sharpening them... as in, every couple of seconds the tip breaks and we have to sharpen. It's a bid absurd. So, we invested in a 10 pack of Ticonderoga pencils... and I have to sharpen 1 pencil every week... quite the difference. I never knew the power of a pencil... and now I do. I think Charlotte is won over, because she doesn't get frustrated with broken tips all the time.

Charlotte's biggest school fan, is her sister... Marley could watch her do school for hours...well, maybe only minutes. Then she always feels the need to steal her books. But it's sweet to see them interact during this time. Charlotte usually says, "Shhh Mars, I'm supposed to be doing my work..."

This week's highlights:

-  Charlotte is reading more and more each day/week. She LOVES to just sit down and practice. During last night's date night, the hubby and I stopped at Barnes and Noble and picked her up some "I Can Read" readers, and a new book about the Human Body... she'

-  Subtraction was introduced in the last 2 weeks, and she's taken it on like a champ.

-  Continually remembers to start her day off journaling. Only has a hard time thinking of topics to write about.

-  Lots of fresh air and play with friends.

This week's lows:

Nothing really sticks out as a low for us for 2 weeks of schooling... that's a win in my book!
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  1. I just thought of it because I saw your washi tape in that pic, but have you thought of adding some washi tape fun to her quality pencils?

  2. Great job, Karen! So thankful to hear it is going well. I love getting a peek into your homeschool routine. Thanks for sharing! :)