Sunday, May 04, 2014

24 weeks { bumpdate }

Today, I'm technically in my 25th week... but these pictures were taken a day ago, while I was still 24 weeks along... not too much has changed, except for the fact that this baby went from being super quiet and shy in my tummy, to the complete opposite... a kicking/punching little bug. I think he specifically started to show off in my tummy, to prove me wrong, because I was telling everyone that he's completely laid back compared to Marley. He usually gets moving after I eat fruit... nectarines, strawberries or apples seem to be the main triggers.

My 24 week appointment went quick and well... he's beating at around 138-140... and seems to be more posterior, which would explain the back aches I have with this pregnancy. My rib cage area is starting to feel more stretched out... I totally forgot how uncomfortable all the stretching pains are... I suppose it'll be time soon, to start rubbing some peppermint oil all over this belly. But all in all, I can't complain... waddling already is happening... it's kind of pathetic, but I suppose this is sort of the consequences to a "back to back" pregnancy.

I purchased my first maternity dress for a wedding (pictured above)... up until now, I've gotten away with mostly maxi dresses for my pregnancies... but I caved to a maternity dress for a special outing. Another thing I recently caved on, was purchasing my first pair of maternity shorts. I pretty much lived in skirts and dresses... and my bathing suit, for the whole end of my pregnancy with Marley, but unfortunately, I have an extra month of Summer added on to this pregnancy, which made it feel sort of necessary.

I pretty much have been living in my Rainbow Flip Flops... so it was SUPER tough for me to put those aside for this wedding we went to yesterday. Lets just say, my feet were screaming at me by the end of the night... and all of today, I've been barefoot.

Cravings: fruit... and icy pops.

Turn Offs: Occasionally, coffee still...

Daddy's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: Ready for more testosterone in the house.

Charlotte's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: She says hello and goodnight to baby boy (little bug) most days... she pets my tummy and says, "Oh helloooooooo brother!"

Marley's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: completely oblivious.

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