Saturday, May 31, 2014

28 weeks { bumpdate }

Well hello there, 3rd trimester. I knew I'd see it soon... but wow, that was quick. I'm technically 29 weeks today... and I'm REALLY excited and sad at the same time about how quickly this pregnancy is going... so many mixed emotions. Just the other night, I spent nearly 30 minutes laying down in bed and talking to my "little bug"... telling him how sorry I was that I usually don't give him much attention until the end of the day. I promised him that I'd try and give him more attention... you know, belly rubs, throughout the day... and so far, he's really loved that. He's starting to push his little bum out while I'm sitting down and resting, and stretching his little feet... and this week, we went to the pool A LOT. I think he LOVED the water, which doesn't surprise me... Marley did too (inside the womb, and outside as well!)

I had my glucose test this week... and I'm sad to say, that I failed. I did with Marley... so it's not REALLY a big surprise. I'm hoping that since it was "slightly" elevated, that perhaps I'll pass the 3 hour test, but definitely not holding my breath. My midwife checked measurements of the belly, and I'm measuring at 29... so I'm definitely right on target with the newest due date of August 16th. She also felt his head already in position. So, that's GREAT news. Marley was exactly the same way, nestled her little head right in place.. and kept it there.

It's so hot, and it's only May (almost June)... How will I do 2 more months with this bump? I'm already huge! I'm definitely carrying a lot lower with this guy... I can't imagine how it'll feel when he actually "drops". I've already perfected the waddle... not sure how I'll be getting around by August. I think someone's going to have to roll me.

Cravings: I'm still munching on ice like it's my job. I'm loving most fruit still, but nectarines... they completely have my heart.

Turn Offs: Most days, I'm still having to force coffee down. When it's iced, it's okay... but warm/hot... not so much.

Daddy's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: We were laying in bed this morning, and both girls were playing in bed with us... and he looked at me, and stated, "How are we going to fit one more baby in this bed?" ... I think the idea of 3 is a little daunting... but you know us, we'll make it FUN!

Charlotte's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: "Baby brother is naked right now, right?"... "Does he go pee pee inside your belly?"... "Do you think he'll look like me, or like Marley?" (Bless her little heart!)

Marley's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: She DEFINITELY likes my belly right now... uses it as her pillow.
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