Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Juggling Act.

Multi-tasking... is literally the ONLY way to get things done around here... I'm definitely one of those people that when asked if you could be any animal... answers, octopus... yeah, how amazing would it be to have 8 arms to do whatever you'd like all day? Imagine how much you could actually get done...

{stuck in my day dream.... snapping out of the image of me with 8 arms....}

Motherhood is a continual juggling act... and the more kids you throw into the mix... well, you get the point. Often times, I'm running around folding a piece of laundry from the basket, at the same time that I'm placing a dish in the dishwasher, or collecting pairs of shoes that are just laying around. I'm not too great at staying in one place, doing all the dishes at once, or folding all the laundry at once, because my kids are always distracting me, or grabbing my attention (especially since Marley is crawling EVERYWHERE). And then at the end of the day, I wonder why I have a crazy mess waiting for me... yeah, juggling is apparently not my thing.

But, I do my best, and that's all I can do. When we're outside, I don't have to worry about "mess" too much, and just get to play with my kiddos while I weed the garden... or pick up sticks... or clean out the cars... etc. There's always something to be done... but just remember to have fun while doing all those things.

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  1. so jealous of your strawberries! My husband planted all veggies this year (our first attempt at doing a garden). Also, is Charlotte taking dance lessons?

  2. Absolutely adore these pictures. These kiddos melt my heart! So does your reminder to not worry about the mess no matter what cabinets it leaves open.