Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dear Marley { 10 months }

Dear Marley Wren...

Our sweet little Marley Moo... or Marley Pants... or Mars... or whatever we call you these days. We have so many nicknames for you, and you definitely look whenever we say each and every one of them. You're so vocalic... constantly babbling. This house, between you and your sister, is going to be one LOUD house.

So many changes from month 9 to 10... you officially have your 2 bottom teeth, and are working on some up top. What's strange, is that your canines are coming in, before your middle ones... so you're MISERABLE at times. Since they come in from your sinuses... you have a bit of a fever, and clear snot... and the last 2 nights, you've had some restless sleep. Hoping they break through the gums soon, because once they do, you're a lot sweeter. Honestly, the only times you seem to be miserable, are on these terrible teething days. You've also learned how to crawl and pull yourself up into standing position this month. It's been great to see how you started, and where you are at right now. You're a crawling master... one minute you're on one side of the room, and the next, you're on the other. We find you in the funniest places, exploring... and often times, getting into things you shouldn't be. The greatest find so far, has been the bird seed... or maybe the time you tasted both wet and dry food for kitty cat. You're a proficient clapper whenever we say, "Yay!" and you stretch your arms so big above your head when we ask, "How big is Marley? SO BIG!" ... you're not always 100% on board with waving... but you do manage to wave to others when I'm not looking (at the grocery store you do this often to the retirees), and they just melt at your sight. Can you blame them? 

You are growing in leaps and bounds... this month you weighed in slightly over 18lbs, and over 28 1/2 inches long. You are one tall baby. Your hair continues to grow longer and longer... in fact, the little wisps by your ears tickle you... and you're often brushing them away. We've had to start brushing your bangs to the side, again... the feeling of it hitting your eyes, annoys you.

You love self feeding... in fact so much, that you're starting to like more chunks of solid food, and less pureed food. You really like cut up grapes, yogurt, watermelon, the crust on bread, grilled chicken (this one is recent, you hated meat pureed), zucchini noodles and broccoli... oh, and we can't forget pancakes. You are one eating champ... and it's fun to actually share meals with you now.

We can't get over how quickly the time is passing... which means you'll be 1 years old soon... and it also means that your baby brother is just around the corner with his grand appearance (Freaks Mommy out just a bit).

We love you sweet baby girl...

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte and Baby brother.
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