Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy Mail, Makes a Heart Happy

There's nothing quite like receiving a sweet package in the mail... to completely MAKE your day... or your week, or your month... happy mail, is the best. I've always loved sending off sweet little bundles... picking out pieces or making something just for the person I'm sending it to... it's so personal and unique... since we live in a culture full of electronic mail. It usually allows for me to pray over that person as I'm crafting or putting it all together. Last month, I received the SWEETEST little package... seriously, look how adorable it is... from Mandy, of Mandipidy.

She is an amazing artist... creator... and everything in the package (including the wrapping), was definitely the most amazing eye candy, ever. Such a beautiful, creative soul... and I've never even met her (in person). If we lived near each other, there's no doubt I'd hunt this girl down, and turn her into my bosom friend (gotta throw an Anne Of Green Gables line in there). I've been following along on her journey... and watching closely as her family has grown (expecting baby #3 soon)... and just adore her heart that she has for her family, for others... but most importantly for God.

I love the fact, that I can come in my office, look up... and spot her beautiful mini canvas, knowing she made that for "me"... (I also ordered one of her prints from her shop, and it's ready to be framed and stuck in my living room- for a future blog post). She recently opened up a new shop, Mandy England Art and Design... and you NEED to check it out. I'm eyeing this little gem, and by the end of the day, it might just be in my checkout cart... as well as this one. It's one thing to adore a piece of art, because it's gorgeous... but it's another thing, to adore a piece of art because it's gorgeous AND you adore the person behind that art... Thank you sweet Mandy, for that happy mail... it totally made my heart happy.

She's also got this amazing coupon code going on right now for her shop: use NEWDESIGN to get 20% off any print... and go grab a mini canvas while you're at it!
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  1. This is the sweetest thing, and such an encouragement to me this morning! I want to hug your neck. I loved our happy mail swap... your precious pinwheels have been placed all over my house and they make me smile whenever I see them! I wish we could let our littles playdate while we craft together with Anne on in the background. Just move to SC already, and let's be bosom friends and kindred spirits together, mk? ;) Blessings on your Tuesday, sweet friend!

    1. oh... how the Air Force NEEDS to send us to SC!!! I would adore that.