Thursday, May 08, 2014

In the Quiet...

I hardly ever have moments of quiet... in fact, there were times, back in the day... when my household (without children, just the hubs and myself) was so quiet, that I wished for noise. Who wishes for noise? ... I did. Now I shake my head at the thought... but then realize, in years from now, I'll probably be wishing for it again. With another baby on the way, I know it's only going to get noisier, before quieter. Crazy.

Sometimes before a photoshoot (where I get to escape my girls for a few hours)... or while I'm out running an errand and don't have the kiddos along... I get a few moments of quiet. It's usually time, where I'm busy thinking about the next sewing project... praying... or just reflecting on God's beautiful creations around me...

But honestly... lately... in the quiet, I miss the noise. 

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