Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Prince Charming

Like lots of girls... Charlotte has loved every single Princess and Prince created by Disney since we brought her home from Ukraine. We never really introduced her to it... she just sort of flocked to it... sort of this magnetic, or gravitational pull. She has most princesses... and so most of the time, these days, she's on the hunt for the princes.

Whenever we have to go to the outlets... usually when the girls have a growth spurt, and they desperately need new pajamas... Charlotte "requests" that we check out what's new at the Disney Store. She loves window shopping, but becomes extremely giddy when she can pick a doll from "the wall". You all know what the wall is, right? That huge wall that has all of the Disney characters (princes and princesses) on it... In the outlets, the prices are fantastic... and lets face it, I get 15-20 minutes of Charlotte "ohhhing" and "ahhhhing" most of the items, that it gives my ears a break from her little chatterbox. She earns stars with her chores and good behavior, in order to pick a doll from "the wall"... and a bit ago, she earned enough, to stop in and pick a doll... she's been on the hunt for Prince Charming... so she knew exactly what she was looking for when we entered the Disney Store... cue the funny story:

We walk in to the Disney Store:

Greeter: "Good afternoon Princesses, what can I help you find today?"

Charlotte: "I'm here to find Prince Charming."

Greeter: "Well, I hope you have good luck with that... I've been looking for my Prince Charming for many many years..."

Charlotte: "Well, why... he's right over there, on the wall."

Charlotte proceeds to "the wall" and the Greeter and I just smile and quietly giggle... If only it were that easy.

Oh, I love my sweet girl... Nevertheless, she marched right over to "the wall", found Prince Charming, and 2 minutes later, was ready to head home. It was the quickest trip to the Disney Store that has ever happened... and oh my, it's a short little "funny" that I will never forget.

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