Sunday, May 11, 2014


"Today is about celebrating... YOU!" ... when I asked Charlotte about what Mother's Day is all about... this was her response. I asked, "Does it mean I have a birthday?"... "No," she said... "Your birthday is your birthday, but today we celebrate you being my mommy."

Oh these sweet words, " we celebrate you being MY mommy"... Words, that I never thought I'd ever imagine hearing... words that I completely melt over. Words that make my heart break for other ladies out there that so desperately desire to be mothers... words that perhaps mothers once heard, and no longer will hear... words that sadly so many orphans ALL around the world will never have the chance to say... words.

Hearing those words, that I so longed to hear... for so long... it's the sweetest sound. Just hearing Charlotte introduce me as her "Mommy" to her friends.. or calling out to me at the playground, "Mom, look over here... watch what I can do!" ... heart... melts. 

These words, are not taken for granted... Waiting to hear them for over 6 years... or really, all my life... felt like an eternity... but I've been gifted those words... and they are treasured beyond belief. I pray everyday for those waiting to hear those words, and that they will be gifted that sweet treasure at some point... somehow... in their life. It's amazing what those words do to us... 

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