Monday, June 16, 2014

30 weeks { bumpdate }

I made it to the 30 week mark last week, and hit the "single digit weeks remaining mark" on Saturday... and I'm starting to breathe some fresh breaths of relief. SO many days, I think, "I'm OVER this whole pregnancy thing"... but, it's really usually said because my body is super uncomfortable, and because I had a really tough day with the girls (Marley has been a teething wreck). Ultimately, I'm still feeling completely blessed to be experiencing pregnancy ALL over again... even if it's sooner than I would have liked. God is good, He works in completely mysterious ways, and has the best sense of humor EVER... and lets face it, I like a guy with a good sense of humor. 

The last midwife appointment I had, brought along the same news as last time... little bug's head remains down and in position... he pretty much rolls his bum from side to side and digs his toes right into my ribs... it feels GREAT. No weight gain the last 2 weeks, and heartbeat remains a constant 148 for him. We are also trying some natural remedies right now to regulate my thyroid, to prevent (hopefully) subclinical hypothyroidism that seems to be a possible (but more so likely) post partum problem.

A lot of people have asked if I'm "getting ready for baby?"... and I kind of have to laugh about this. I never really put anything away from when Marley was tiny, except clothing, so... I've been ready for this baby. We moved Marley to Charlotte's old Britax car seat... and so he'll have Marley's infant seat, and for now, I'll wear him and continue to use Marley's Bob stroller when needed. We'll pick up another crib... eventually, but honestly he won't sleep in it for awhile, so we're not rushing to do that. Otherwise I'm all set with swaddles, basic clothing (keeping it super simple for him), toys, etc... pretty much just as Marley outgrows stuff, he'll grow into them... so, really, this has been the easiest "getting ready for baby" that I could possibly have! My midwife wants me to start baby watch as of August 1st... she doesn't think I'll last as long with this one, but WHO KNOWS... when baby wants to come, baby will come.

The main thing I'm trying to prepare for, are meals. I know that the first few weeks/months are going to be CRAZY! So, I'm going to try and prepare a few weeks worth of freezer meals to help out (starting mid July)... if you have recipes, send them over.

Cravings: I'm really all about fruit and ice... still. Not much has changed in that department.

Turn Offs: Not too much that I won't eat these days.

Daddy's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: He's silent most days about the pregnancy... and delivers milkshakes on demand... he knows what's up.

Charlotte's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: " Is baby boy happy today? Because if he's happy, than you'll be happy."... she knows me WELL! "You should go rest your belly, I'll watch over Mars." Thank you sweet girl, for knowing JUST how to take care of me.

Marley's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: She likes to flail her legs at my belly full force when I'm changing her diaper... She thinks it's funny... I don't think it's funny. What I do adore, is how her feet wrap around my belly PERFECTLY when I'm holding her on my hip. She has the best seat in the house (or so I think).
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  1. how sweet! You look great!

  2. could you post freezer meals that you end up prepping? i'm 30 weeks also but with twins so they have told me baby watch starts now ... and i have no idea where to begin in terms of getting food prepped since i may have a c section! Would love to see what you whip up or are planning to whip up!

    Ashley @