Monday, June 09, 2014

A Cardboard and Duck Tape Regatta

Gatherings with my hubby's work squadron are always fun... I mean, they're the Vikings... and that just screams FUN. Last Friday, was their Annual Regatta... and oh my my, there was fun. Every office in the squadron had to create a "boat"... but here's the main rule: Cardboard and duck tape... those are the only two items it can be made out of, and everyone's boats were so unique. We had some awesome one of a kind material to race. Since the Regatta was held at a wake boarding park, that uses cable lines... the winners of the race were able to hook their boat up to a cable, and be pulled throughout the course. Completely amusing. Mix it with "pie in the faces", yummy barbecue, a dunk tank, and tug-o-war in the mud... you have yourself a fantastic Friday afternoon.

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