Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dear Marley { 11 months }

Dear Marley...

To think that in one month, we'll be celebrating your first birthday... is mind blowing. You are 11 months old... we've made it 11 months, and yet it feels like just yesterday we held you for the very first time... a tiny little 7lb peanut... itty bitty, and completely helpless... and here you are today... close to 20lbs, full of spunk and pizzazz, and definitely an independent/stubborn little girl.

We've hit sooooo many milestones this last month. You've been crawling for awhile now, but you pull yourself up on everything... and climb up onto things. We often find you in the dishwasher, in the cabinet door shelf under the sink... literally anywhere there is a set up, you figure out a way to get up there. If we had stairs, we'd be in major trouble. You understand how to get up them, but  no idea how to get down, yet. You are so articulate... talking ALL the time, it truly amazes me. Here's a list of words you say, accurately, and often:

"Eye" (Hi), "Buh" (Bye), "YAY!", "Kitty Ca" (for kitty cat), "Daddeeee!" (Daddy), "CeeCee" (Charlotte), "New Bu" (New Butt... aka Diaper), "Ba Ba" (bottle), "Num Num" (for snacks), "Na Na" (we think is Mommy)

You seriously are so verbal... we never imagined we'd have an early talker... oh goodness, you're going to talk as much as Charlotte... just watch. You understand much of what we tell you too, the best is watching your reaction each and everytime to "No!"

You dance to music... well, it's more of a bounce of your knees, and a hand sway, or a hands clap... but it's SO cute. Whenever you see Charlotte playing with her friends on the trampoline, you head over to the door, and bang on it, until you are let out... you ALWAYS want to join them, with whatever they're up to. You love her, and hardly want to spend a minute away from her.

You've been in the pool probably 4/5 out of 7 days a week... and you ADORE it. You're turning into a tan little baby, even with SPF 80 on! It must be because you've inherited Mommy and Daddy's olive skin tone. Everywhere we go, people say, "Look at your brown little baby." Those blue/gray eyes POP so much and your hair is lightening from the sun. You could live outside if we let you. Whenever the door opens, you crawl right to it...and if it closes before you've escaped, you cry hysterically.

4 teeth up top have made their way through this month. They're definitely through your gums, so the worse part is over... but oh my, those were some rough sleep nights for you... and nap days... and well, lets just say our "adorable happy baby" was replaced with "miserable crabby baby". They say all babies dealing with teething differently, and lets just say, we hope your baby brother deals with it differently. We know something is up when your fingers are constantly in your mouth, temperature spikes to a fever, and you're completely clear snotty.

But overall, you are the most pleasant little ray of sunshine to be around. Whenever we're out and about, you wave to most (although, you favor the veterans on base)... and flash your little smile. But, you do like to stick close to Mommy... you've definitely hit the "stranger danger" phase, full blown.

We can't get over how much spunk you have. You are totally FULL of character... character that we just adore and can't get enough of.

We love you Marley... keep being you,
Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte and Baby Brother

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  1. She certainly is adorable. Thanks for keeping us all updated.

  2. She is a beautiful Baby! I love these monthly updates, but I have admit that it makes me feel a bit sad to see her growing into a toddler. I will be looking forward to another teeny Newborn to follow! You are so Blessed, Karen. Both Charlotte and Marley are so precious. Thank You, for sharing the sweetness that is Little Girls!

  3. how cute this baby is i can surely say she is awesome like sweet bob marley quotes