Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It Usually Always...

After celebrating so much the last few days (Charlotte's 3rd Gotcha Day, Father's Day, Marley's 11th month birthday)... we're in a lull... and that's okay. It's time for me to start getting my act together, and start getting projects done... all while putting my feet up at the same time. I've had a little too many Braxton Hicks for my liking, and a semi scare for me yesterday (no worries, midwife assured all is well)... so I'm just going to sit with my feet up today... all day, the best I can. I can totally paint, and sew, and build things will relaxing, right? 

But before I start putting the last few days behind me... I had to share how we celebrate... it usually always involves good food, a family adventure and tons of laughter. I couldn't love my family any more than I already do...seriously.

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