Wednesday, June 04, 2014

School Sessions: Chapter 9

The end of Kindergarten is in sight... and it feels,

Charlotte has been in her last Phonics book for over 3 weeks now... and we only have 9 more lessons to go. Same with Math. I thought we would finish earlier... and then I realized, we started from scratch nearly a month after school had begun, because of taking her out of public school... SO, really... we did pretty well, time wise. We'll be taking a few weeks off, and then I have these Summer Bridge Activities to get Charlotte excited for 1st grade... if she isn't already! Seriously, this kid loves school, and loves the idea of "advancing"...

We also moved our "homeschooling area" into my office, and she just loves all the light in there, and being close to me while I'm blogging or getting other "work" done. It's nice to sit right next to her comfortably, and be a presence, especially on review days when she should be working on her work alone.

I cannot begin to tell you, how proud of her I am... or how I just adore homeschooling. There's so much freedom and flexibility... it totally trumps all of the negative sides to it... in my opinion of course. It's totally for us, and God is really blessing this little one daily.

Strengths these last few weeks:

- Her reading is really taking off. I'm SO impressed, thinking about where she started at the beginning of the year, and where she is now. I'd say, with the words she's reading, she's already above a 1st grade level. The important part right now, is that she's learning all the "rules" to phonics, grammar, etc.

- Addition and Subtraction is coming along. She uses the number line when the numbers are high, but totally understands the concept.

- Journaling is still one of her "go to " activities... and without a doubt, I'll be holding on to these as she grows older. Best part, she reads them over and over to herself... like a book. We will be working on "story building" this upcoming year.

Weaknesses these last few weeks:

- Money counting and clock work. I think the concept is still a little over her head. Trying not to confuse her more that she already is. Probably will tackle this more so in 1st grade, when we re-introduce it to her.

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  1. Money and the clock.. Same things that are hard for my oldest.