Monday, June 02, 2014

Soak Up The Now

The month of June, always kicks off with my birthday (being it's on the first)... which is always a fun way to ring in a new month. It was a weekend filled with sunshine, food and water... my kind of birthday. We were going to go away, but decided to put that off for another weekend (waiting to travel to a place for berry picking, but it wasn't ready yet)... and just enjoyed being "together". Marley actually woke me at 3:15 in the morning, and stayed awake until 5 am... then baby boy figured he'd kick around for awhile, and then Marley woke up again at 6:30 for the day... whew, it started off sleepy... but I made the most of it.

What I've realized (especially on this birthday)... is that my birthday, since becoming a Mom 3 years ago, is really NOT about ME anymore. And not only is it NOT about ME... but, I'm okay with that. There's this part of me that gives and gives and gives each and everyday to my girls (and soon to be boy) every single day, that it's actually extremely tough to make a day about myself...

Are there days throughout the year where I need an extra nap, or a 2 hour trip to Target without the kiddos, or even just 10 minutes in the shower without being interrupted? YES! But, on my birthday, I want to soak up the NOW... not try and escape it... and that's just what I did.

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