Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Our garden hasn't taken "off" too well this year... not sure what the problem is... but we're trying different tactics to try and figure it out.  We decided to cover the beds with a weed protecting fabric... and I THINK that's the culprit. It's the main change that we took, and I have a feeling it's warming the beds too much, especially when we have days like 100+ degrees. The plants are getting PLENTY of water, since the hubby created the most amazing drip irrigation system... we rotated crops in different beds this year... so, really, it's gotta be this fabric. So today, I spent a large chunk of the day unleashing these poor plants from this fabric netting... hoping they love me for this.

While we're talking about unleashing... let's talk about the fact that I can hardly "contain" Marley to a stroller these days. Unless we're continually walking, she doesn't just "sit" in a stroller... she has to get out, has to explore, has to taste (yes, even the dirt today), has to "experience"... and I absolutely LOVE that about her, and this stage of her life. I need to ignite the free spirit fire in her... it's the best way to live.

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  1. Great shots and what a sweet dress that cute girl has :)! Loving her hair and hearing about her spirit! The pictures in the garden crack me up.

  2. That has got to be the most darling little dress.