Saturday, June 14, 2014

You Are Our World

Dear Charlotte, 

Add another year, and that makes 3... Happy 3rd Gotcha Day sweet girl. It feels like just a few days ago, you first became ours... and I have no idea where all this time in between has gone. We can say that we've known you half your life (since you're 6 years old)... but it feels like your entire lifetime.

So much has happened in a year... you finished Kindergarten, you became a big sister (and will have another little one under your wing soon enough!), you got hearing aids, you DIDN'T have eye surgery, you learned how to read, etc... so many great memories of all your accomplishments this year... and you continue to blow us away. You are our world.

The biggest change we've seen this last year, is stepping into your role as a big sister. It's a big deal to add another "body" to the house... less attention, more responsibility... but you took it on like a champ, and exceeded our expectations. You love Marley... and Marley has so much love for you. It's been a joy to see your relationship with her blossom. And just when we figured out a rhythm... we threw another challenge your way... told you a baby brother was headed your way this summer... and you smiled... so big.You have such a caring, giving, nurturing heart... you were meant to be these little ones older sister. There's NO DOUBT that this was all God's plans for you. It's truly amazing, to watch all the pieces of your beautiful puzzle of a life, come together.

3 years... it isn't long... but it's what's been given to us so far... and we thank God for each day more we have with you.... 

You are such a blessing to us... keep celebrating life precious child,

Daddy, Mommy, Marley (and soon to be baby brother)

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