Friday, July 25, 2014

A Force

Whatever Marley sees Charlotte do... Marley wants to do... just like a typical, "monkey see, monkey do". She's 1 now... but she acts SO much older than she is... mixed with her independence and stubbornness... and we have a force not to reckon with. I suppose that's what happens when you have a sibling nearly 6 years older.

Marley flashes those sweet little big blue eyes at me...

and up she goes on the trampoline... 

she screams at Charlotte... to get Charlotte to jump... so that she can bounce high... but the deal is, according to Charlotte, "I can't jump you, unless you wear a crown..." The rule has been made... and Marley complies... so long as Charlotte jumps her. 

To get her off the trampoline... always ends in tears... she loves it way too much... but I have to cut it off somewhere... after all, the last thing I need is her "trying" to climb this rope like her big sister... 

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  1. Oh my! They are awesome! Such fun. My kiddos have an age gap of a few years too, and I love it. I have a big helper and my youngest has an awesome role model. Charlotte is a great big sister!

  2. So sweet! Maddie is obsessed with her big sister and wants to do everything she does.

  3. They are so sweet...I love the crown :)