Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Hello July

... can't believe a new month is here... but it is. Things have been hectic the last few weeks. We're trying to get lots of projects done around the house (you know, because they'll be non existent when the little bug comes out, at least for awhile)... and trying to spend as much time enjoying the girls as I can. Unfortunately, Marley brought in the new month, with a double ear infection... which, has made things a little difficult... but during nap time, it's GAME ON.

... enjoying all the little random things over the last few days, I've tried to snap a picture to remember...

Racing cars along our walkway...

Bringing the "outside" ... "inside"... can't get enough of the wildflowers we planted earlier in Spring.

Finally, completing projects that were started awhile ago... and getting excited to see how it all "comes together"... 

First day, after being on antibiotics... and the girl is pretty much back to her happy self... much relief in seeing her wake up "bright eyed" instead of "sleepy/sad/sick" eyes.

LOVE seeing Charlotte create while I'm creating... She asks to bring whatever she's working on, wherever I'm working... and I so enjoy her company... and her cute little painted tootsies. 

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