Saturday, July 05, 2014

July 4th Recap

By the time the end of the day comes... I have no steam left to blog about our adventure... but rest assured, we had a FABULOUS 4th of July...  so much fun, that nights that end later than 9 pm, means I'm "hurting" the next day. We we had loads of fun building, eating, playing with friends, swimming, eating ice cream, and ended the night viewing fireworks from the car (just Charlotte and I... we let Daddy and Marley head to bed early)... I love that the 4th fell on a Friday this year. It means we still have a few days of relaxing with each other before Monday comes... or in our case, spending time with Daddy before he leaves 3 weeks for work.

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  1. I love your picture/photo story. :)

  2. What a wonderful 4th! Those trampoline pictures are so cute.. Your photos are always so crisp. Love them!

  3. Braum's is the thing I miss THE MOST about OK! Love these pictures.