Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Setting Aside Minutes.

Some one on one time is pretty needed around here, especially when you're the oldest and you don't nap anymore, and Mommy is constantly busy giving her attention out in 50 other places... So, Charlotte and I... we bake. That's right, when Marley naps, we either try and bake something (if the need is there for something sweet in the house), or we prep dinner for that night. It's sort of "our time"... sometimes it's just a quick 20 minutes... other times it's longer. She knows it's her time to talk my ear off, not worry about cleaning or doing her other chores, no schoolwork... but rather just a time for her to get my undivided attention. Once little brother comes out, I know it'll look a little different... and I think she knows that too... it might be time to "water the plants" or "feed baby boy and color" or "fold up some laundry"... but I'm REALLY hoping that each day, I can set aside those minutes for her... because they totally one hundred percent make her happiest. She's my first baby, and I need to remember that. Like any relationship, it needs to constantly be "fed" in order to flourish... 

And for those of you who might be interested in the world's yummiest chocolate chip recipe... here's the one I use (but be sure to nearly double the vanilla recipe... vanilla is SO good).
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  1. There's no doubt that she knows that she couldn't be loved even an iota more. PS: C is looking so grown up these days!

  2. Replies
    1. thanks!!!!!! doesn't feel like it most of the time...

  3. wow, they are both so big already! :)