Sunday, July 06, 2014

What's In My Bag?

There's something about a lady's bag... everyone is always curious as to what's in it. Most guys think we carry around way too much stuff... until they get a cut, and look at us for a bandaid (Sorry Daddy, all that's ever in my bag, are princess ones... but he certainly wears them proudly!)  or they ask us to hold onto their keys/phone whenever we're out and about, because they don't want to weight their pockets down.  Most kids (especially Charlotte), thinks that Mommy's purse HOLDS ALL (and I try my best to have everything on hand "just in case"... and for some little explorers, like Marley... it's a wonderland to discover.

My sweet friend Kande, who just happens to be one of the loveliest ladies I know... is also my Scentsy consultant... What's Scentsy? Oh my... if you have no idea, well then, we MUST enlighten you (at least a little)...

Scentsy Candles Products are a safe alternative to scented candles! Their warmers melt and warm the wax releasing the fragrance into the air which means – NO BURNING. This makes your home safer for you, your family and pets. With Scentsy you say goodbye to soot for good. I have burners all throughout my house (and I'll be posting about those, as soon as I do my mini Scentsy home tour with you soon enough... )  But, not only do they make amazing/safe alternatives to candles... but they also have other items... items for your laundry (whiffers are AMAZING!), bath and body supplies, amazing gift bundles, and items designed specifically for your pocket/purse.

When Kande asked if I would try out some of the products that I haven't tried yet... hand sanitizer, lip gloss, and hand cream (perfect products, especially size wise, for your bag)...  I was completely ON BOARD... and figured it'd be fun at the same time, to share "What's In My Bag?"

Items In My Bag (moving from top to bottom, left to right.): 

- Purse: I use a canvas tote, currently, from the Gap... I downsized from a Skip Hop diaper bag. I'm sure once baby boy makes his appearance, I'll carry items back over to the diaper bag, until I'm ready to downgrade again. This canvas tote, is perfect... I can wash it SUPER easily, and it dries quickly.

- Some sort of snack is always in there for the kiddos... whether it's kale/spinach puffs, yogurt bites, fresh fruit, or chewing biscuits... there's always a snack.

- Boogie Wipes: these things are AMAZING... they get rid of yuck eyes, yuck mouth, yuck fingers... are compact, and totally don't have a scent. LOVE them... they also act as a quick wipe, if I run out of diaper wipes. 

- I keep my diapers, pad, and wipes (when I'm not using my wet sack and cloth diapers) in this little diaper clutch... easily washes, and holds it all. 

- I have two toys... one for Marley (giraffe works also for teething), and one for Charlotte (drawing pad and crayons)

- Wallet:  I had an awesome one that I recently had to retire... it was from our Scotland travels YEARS ago, but it bit the dust. I'm now using this canvas one from Target.

- My "boo boo" items: ... bandaids, neosporin, and a Hyland's bruise stick.

- Suntan lotion : ... it goes on in the mornings, and throughout the day...

-keys ! can't forget those.

My four purse Scentsy items

- lip balm: I'm not a make up person... AT ALL... I hardly ever have anything on, other than lip gloss of some sorts. I used to be a Burts Bees kind of gal... but recently after trying Scentsy's lip balm... have jumped the wagon. I use the flavor: havana cabana... and LOVE it. It also has SPF in it... so you can't go wrong for the summer (there are other flavors that I'm going to have to try as well). Charlotte loves applying this to her lips as well... and I'm totally okay with that... not one chapped lip child over here.

- hand cream: Packed with shea butter and aloe vera, it moisturizes dry, cracked hands with a touch of softness and Scentsy fragrance every time you use it. Available in 25 fragrances... soooo smooth for my dried out pool hands!

(not pictured, because I used it all and need to order more, is their hand sanitizer... It's a moisturizing hand sanitizer that kills germs without drying hands. It’s a convenient size that fits in pen holders, pockets, backpacks or glove boxes. So it’s easy to keep on hand. Available in 23 fragrances... Charlotte would MUCH rather use this, then have to worry about washing her hands after potty time.)

* You can actually purchase a Purse Pack Combo (1 lip balm, 1 hand sanitizer, 1 hand cream) for $20.00... score.

Last but not least... I hide a scent pak in my purse/diaper bag... helps with the "yuck" diaper smell or just from always feeling like I'm surrounded by baby smell... it's perfect, and lasts so long. This would be great for those with gym bags/running bags as well. Keep all the nasty smells out... and freshness in.  SMART IDEA! They're available in 46 different fragrances.

For those interested, I have a party going on right now. If you click here, you'll be able to find my "Celebrate Life!" party... it's live on Kande's site... or you can click on it during the check out process. If hosting a party is something you're interested in, contact her... it means that you are bundling orders together to earn free and 50% off products. You can even host one online, which makes it SUPER easy... or through a live FB party!

Stay tuned... I have more information regarding burners/favorites scents and what not coming at ya soon (on a home tour post)!

** All of these are totally my own opinion... not paid to do this... I just love these products and want to share the details of each of my favorites with you**

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  1. There's always such mystery surrounding a woman's bag! Love this little peak inside yours and totally giddy that a few things happened to be Scentsy products! Scentsy products warm the heart, enliven the senses, and inspire the soul - sounds a lot like the Karen Davis we've all come to know so this is a #matchmadeinheaven for sure. <3, Kande

  2. hehe i have lots of "baby essentials" in MY bag too!! the life of a mommy!

    Sandy a la Mode