Thursday, July 24, 2014

Zooing It.

One of the things we did for Marley's birthday (but usually seems to be a weekly/bi-weekly occurrence) is head to the zoo... We haven't taken a real "family vacation" this year... but with another little one on the way, a Daddy who's gone for work A LOT, a mini van that needs to happen, etc... our passes to the Science Museum and Zoo have come a LONG way. Last week during Marley's birthday, the temps went down dramatically... from the 100's, to the 70's... Charlotte even asked if she could wear a sweater... we knew it was the perfect time to make our way back to the zoo... because no one likes to be there when the temps are crazy high... not to mention, the animals hide when the temps are beastly. We even spotted the newest addition to the zoo, Rupert the Rhino... who turned 1 month old the day we were there.

We spent a few hours, and pretty much saw every single animal that we wanted to see, plus some. And ended the day doing what Marley loves best... hearing Daddy's voice on the phone and swinging.

You know it's a GREAT day, when you close up the zoo... I think they're always chasing us out of there.
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  1. So fun! I wish we had something like this close by. And I was always totally against mini vans until lately.. we've been driving home a lot which is 7 hours away with two kids and a dog. A mini van has started to sound like a real good idea.

    1. honestly, the only reason we're talking mini van, is because of #3 coming soon.... if it were only 2 still... we'd be fine :)