Monday, August 04, 2014

A Whole New World...

So many thoughts are fleeting through my mind the closer that I get to my due date... little boy can come at anytime, and I feel so different about this next step, compared to how I felt when I was nearly due with Marley. With Marley, we were entering familiar territory, new... in the baby sense, since we adopted Charlotte when she was 3.5.... but familiar, because we were adding another girl to the mix. Girls, I know... boys, not quite as much. There's this itty bitty fear inside of me, of entering into the lego, pee while standing up, love for bugs and things that creep domain. And then there's this part of me that feels so bad for him... he's entering this world of "pink" in our house... all things sparkle, boo boos are covered in princess bandaids (even Daddy wears these proudly), and most of the toys are of "girly nature". I'm sure we'll figure it all out... and from what most have told me, boys are easier... we shall see if that's the case for us. It's going to be a "whole new world" for us... and not the kind that we sing in a high pitch Ariel voice...

For now, we prep... and get things in order for him... and get as excited as can be about all the "new" that's to come for this household... I know we're all going to be smitten with him, and I can't wait seeing that in person with each and every one of us.
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  1. You're gonna LOVE it! I felt similarly when we were about to welcome a gal into this boyzone...but we sure got comfortable real quick with the little lady and now I just laugh about how anxious I was about it! Can't wait to hear the news that he's here! Praying for you guys!

  2. I was nervous about having a boy too, since I had a girl first and I only had a sister and was never really around boys besides my dad, growing up. But he'll be your boy and you'll know him better than anyone else. Boys are definitely different, but great in their own way! Love the paci clipped on your skirt!

  3. Being a mama to three boys, I can only tell you that you're going to love it. They can be trying at times, but it's a whole lot of love and fun (and mess) too! Word of advice if it hasn't already been given to you: When baby boy gets here, diaper changes can be, um, challenging. But the best advice – point it down in his diaper. Otherwise you'll end up with wet everything!