Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dear Finn Mostyn

Dear Finn Mostyn,

Our sweet sweet boy... we cannot believe it has already been 1 week since you made your grand appearance into this world at 10:08 pm, on the 5th of August. Time already is flying by too quickly... and it feels like we've barely even had a moment to sit down, and process that we are a family of five. Mommy and Daddy are officially outnumbered thanks to you.

What a sweet and peaceful little man you are (except when you're getting your diaper changed)... you already are full of personality... laid back, relaxed and a "go with the flow" kind of baby. The kind of baby we needed after two fairly high maintenance little ladies. The baby that most Mommys dream of... that eat well, sleep well, do their business and are content kind of baby. The baby that we are so blessed to call ours... our boy.

We thought we'd always be the family with "girls"... and were we ever surprised when we found out that you were a boy... definitely unexpected, but a good kind of unexpected. You are going to change our lives in a whole different way than both of your sisters have, and we're so excited to see how. How we will be challenged by you, to help us grow and be better parents to you. How we will be thrown into the "boyish domain" of bugs, poop, and all things blue. How to love a boy, other than Daddy.

The thing that we (or really Mommy) is most excited about, is how you'll interact with each and every one of us. Mommy is so excited to see what all the hype is about a Mommy/Son relationship. Apparently, boys tend to be the "bees knees" to Mommys... and I suppose it's a pretty accurate statement. She sure does seem to be smitten with you. We're excited to see how Daddy will be able to handle having a son after 2 daughters... Something tells me, it'll be just fine, as long as you start mowing the lawn by the time you're a year old. Mommy is extremely excited to see how you'll follow in his footsteps... Mommy already swoons when she sees both of you guys together bonding... like "men".

and then there's the relationships that you'll have with each of your sisters... Oh boy, I'm sure we could write a book on predictions as to all the trouble you 3 will get into... It's sure to be an adventure... an AMAZING adventure... an AMAZING adventure that only now has begun...

You are so loved ... so so loved,

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte and Marley

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  1. Oh how precious! I'm so excited for your family dear friend. We just found out we're blessed with baby #3 and my hubby is paying for a boy.

  2. Love these pictures! So happy for you all.