Monday, August 18, 2014

Reap and a Recipe

Harvest time for the summer veggies is finally here... I'm SO happy I held off on planting until later... because it's perfect timing with Finn being born. After his feedings, I usually can escape to the garden for a little bit (a quick 15 minutes is all it takes... if not less).. and bring my little sidekick along. It gives us some bonding time... and she definitely always reaps the benefits of it.

RECIPE: Bean and Cucumber Salad... a family favorite.

-  Take a generous portion of beans, and boil them for a few minutes, to soften them... 

-  Drain and refrigerate for a few minutes. While they're cooling, slice a few cucumbers (if they're the small pickling cucumbers) or one large cucumber. 

-  Chop up some dill, like a handful. Mix together dill, a scoop or two of sour cream, a little dash of white vinegar, and add some sugar to sweeten. Add to sliced up cucumbers, and mix... and then add cooled beans. Mix.

-  Chop a little extra dill ( I like dill.) and top off before serving. 

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  1. That DOES sound yummy! And I'm sad I used our green beans last night. Maybe I'll get more in my next farm share so I can try this recipe!

  2. crossing my fingers that you'll get more beans!!!!

  3. That sounds so good! Dill has been one of my herb obsessions the last few weeks! And I am so impressed with your garden! My husband told me a few weeks ago, that he wants to be in charge of our next garden...I don't exactly have a "green thumb", lol!