Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Celebrating Fall

It's my most favorite time of the year... wait, it's a tie between Spring and Fall in my book... so it's actually one of my most favorite times of the year. Autumn is here... and we couldn't be more excited... the smells, the lower temperatures, the beautiful colors, and of course pumpkin everything. We try and celebrate the beginning of most seasons (Winter is a tough one to celebrate...) and therefore today, we celebrated Fall. The windows were open since the day before, we wore longer sleeves in the morning (shorter in the afternoon), ate hot oatmeal for breakfast, homeschooled outside, and created "stick crowns" to wear for the rest of the afternoon. A dear friend posted this link on my Facebook page the other day, and I KNEW immediately, with Fall on the horizon, that we needed to create these lovelies.

The first thing we did was gather sticks... easy enough, that even Marley joined along.

I picked up some acorns in the meantime, for a future craft...

Although the stick crowns from the link are absolutely precious... I always have to make it a little different... you know, just because... because I'm Karen... because I have to put my twist on things... I know how much Charlotte enjoys using paint. So, I had her pick 4 colors (Didn't sway her decision at all... she's THAT good at picking out colors)... and used a tiny little medicine measure cup to pour a little from each paint, at a time. 

I then had Charlotte dip the ends of each of the sticks into the paint... and we set them in a mason jar to dry.

Once dried, we picked back up with the instructions given from here, and finished up the crowns.

We tried them on this afternoon... and they fit perfectly... the girls spent the rest of the afternoon dancing, singing, skipping and running throughout the yard. We ended our Fall Celebration with some apple dumplings, and called it a day... such a wonderful... wonderful... day. 

Don't have a little one around to make a crown for them... make some sticks for yourself... and set them up in a little mason jar or vase... they make a darling Fall decoration as well.
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