Monday, September 29, 2014

Dear Charlotte { 7 years old }

Dear Charlotte Wray,

Today you turned 7... 7... wow, we can't believe another year has flown by. We have now had the privilege of celebrating 3 birthdays with you... and yet, it feels like we've known you, your whole life. As soon as you woke up this morning (bright eyed at 7 am) you came rushing into the room and exclaimed, "Hey guess what? Today is my birthday... I'm 7 years old... and I'm taller." You have this need to grow up, and get bigger... and yet, we wish we could just press pause on "time" right now... stunt your growth... keep you the way that you are right now... smart, spunky... and full of sass.

This year, you've developed in so many different ways and accomplished much. You graduated Kindergarten and learned how to read and spell like a pro. You taught yourself how to do a flip on the trampoline, which in turn taught you how to do a forward and backwards flip into the pool. You figured out how to climb a rope. ... and climb it high. You learned how to do a cartwheel... and are doing so well at listening and paying attention during your weekly gymnastics class. You started wearing hearing aids this year, and that helped in so many areas... in the listening department for starters (of course) but also with phonics and other speech related difficulties you used to have. You became a big sister to yet another little baby... but this time a brother... and you adore him with your whole heart. Your heart is a heart that is meant for nurturing and you take care of Marley and Finn in such a way... that no one else could.

Some things that you are loving these days include: Your favorite meal is still spaghetti with meat sauce (in fact, that was your birthday dinner per your request). Your favorite color still continually changes from day to day... but today, you said it was purple. You love the movie Frozen... or really ALL Princess movies. One of your favorite things to do, is play "doctor" with your kit, and give people "check ups", Marley is your forever patient. You love swinging on your rope swing, and jumping on your trampoline... and you SO loved the pool this summer. You still love gymnastics... but say that your favorite thing to do there now, is the balance beam or uneven bars (as opposed to the trampoline like last year). You snack ALL day long... and chocolate is still your flavor of choice. You love Saturday dates with Daddy to Lowes' Build and Grow... and lunch outings to Jersey Mikes with Mommy... playing blocks with Marley on the front porch... and tickling Finn's toes. You don't mind school at all, but would rather go on field trips every day (so would Mommy).  You've gained quite a few teeth, 6 to be exact.. and weigh a whopping 42 lbs... 42 lbs of pure lean muscle.You still sing ALL DAY LONG... in fact, it's as if your life... is a musical.

Today during breakfast, Mommy thanked God for your biological mother, and that she gave you the gift of life, because it was one of the greatest gifts that she could have ever given... So, naturally, today was the first day that you really started asking questions about your past... "When I was born, how did I come out? Was I through c section or from... you know... ?" "Did the lady who had me in her belly sleep with me in the bed at the hospital?" "What was the lady who had me in her belly's name?" "Was I big when I was a baby?" "Did I have a lot of hair when I was a baby?" "Did the lady feed me from her boobies?" So many questions... just kept coming out of your mouth. Mommy tried to answer them the best that she could... but little girl, some things we just don't have answers for. We're so sorry that we don't have those answers... but we do know we are thankful for those questions... it means things are starting to "click" in that brain of yours, and that the healing from that past can happen.

You my dear, are our little light... you shine every where you go... and we love that about you. The world is your stage, and you're giving it the best production that you could ever give. You speak, you feel, you think, you are... any way that you choose... without any cares what others think...  You truly believe that life is meant to be explored and enjoyed, embracing every second of life that God gives you... you amaze us.

We love you sweet Charlotte,

Daddy, Mommy, Marley and Finn

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  1. What a beautiful remembrance for one's seventh birthday. *hugs* and love to you all as you continue to enjoy the life God has wrapped you up in ;)

  2. As always you do a beautiful job with words & pictures. That last photo is just gorgeous! With 6 new teeth I bet her smile has changed a lot. Happy Birthday, sweet Charlotte!

  3. Happy "7th" Birthday, Beautiful Charlotte! I'm a couple of days late, but the wishes and prayers for this next year of your life are the same. I Pray for good health, continued healing and LOTS of Joy and Happiness for you and your family. It is a gift to be able to watch you change as you grow. It seems like yesterday, that you were a teeny-tiny toddler, the subject of many lovely photos in Kor*a? Jap*n? I can't remember where, but I loved that time in your life!
    Big Hugs to You & Marley & Finn. ~ Jo