Friday, September 05, 2014

Dear Finn Mostyn { 1 month }

Dear Finn Mostyn,

Today we celebrate your 1st month of life... wow, it feels like just yesterday we brought you home... and it's already been a few weeks... a very very very sleepy first few weeks. Even though it wasn't too long ago that we brought home your sister Marley and had sleepless nights, it's amazing how our bodies became used to full nights of sleep... and now, we don't know what that is again. You are up about 3x a night for feedings... about every 3-4 hours on a good night, and 1.5-2 on bad nights. There seem to be more bad nights than good at this point. You are a growing boy, who loves nursing... so we can't really blame you for waking so often. Just hoping that you'll realize soon how awesome sleeping is as well.

You are adored in this house... not only by Mommy and Daddy, but by your sisters. Oh do they love you so much. The first month, has had a lot of hiccups with your relationship with Marley... not on your end, but more so on hers. She was pretty jealous this month... and had to figure out how to "share" Mommy and Daddy with you. She finally caught on, after about 2 weeks... that you weren't going anywhere, and has since decided to LOVE on you instead. By LOVE, she enjoys tickling your toes, petting you, and giving you "air" kisses. It's sweet, and we know that you two are going to be inseparable by the time your big enough to interact... you always look up at her and Charlotte in such an endearing way... you recognize their voices instantly when they talk to you. Must be because it's all you heard 24/7 while you were in Mommy's belly. Either way, it's cute to see how your eyes sort of peep open if you're sleeping, the moment you hear one nearby... or how focused you are on their faces while you're awake and they're talking to you.  Charlotte loves watching all your silly faces, especially when you stick out your tongue.

Finn, you are a pretty laid back little guy... except when diaper changes are involved. When that happens, you turn into a bright red little firecracker... The only sure way to get you to NOT turn into a firecracker during a diaper changing is to have fed you beforehand. A fully tummy, makes it all okay. Otherwise, you love stroller rides, something Marley hated... and you love your car seat, something Marley hated... which makes you a lot easier to "handle".... a complete blessing.

You were 2.5 weeks early, when you made your arrival, so you were quite a little peanut. Slowly, you're gaining weight... and it's so nice to see you "fill in" a bit... to see some of those adorable folds start to appear on your arms and your legs. You've already grown over two inches since birth... something tells me, you're going to be tall like Daddy when you get older... You're such a handsome little boy, Finn...truly, when we look at you, we say, "You look like a boy"... there's no way, you could be confused for a girl, like some babies.

You love to be swaddled, but need to have at least 1 arm sticking out, and your feet typically need to be exposed as well... It's funny watching Daddy wrap you up nice and tightly... and you wiggle until one of those arms makes its way out...

Mr. Finn... the transition from 2-3 kids, has been a bit rough for Daddy and Mommy... but you make it completely worth it. We are so excited to see as your personality comes out like a shining light over the next few weeks... these first few weeks were sleepy... but something tells us, you are starting to wake up... and we are so excited to "play" with you...

You are so loved... so so loved,

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte and Marley
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  1. Yay, Finn is here on planet earth and we're all so glad God sent you! Can't wait to watch your story unfold.

  2. Is that a very lovely Aden + Anais swaddle? Looks very much like the Jungle Jam range.

  3. He is adorable. You're totally giving me baby fever! Happy one month, sweet boy!